Field sTudy Template Kit

— Education Edition —


Studio D offers the Field Study Template Kit - Education Edition, free for colleges and universities (and a more comprehensive, paid for Professional Edition). The kit Includes:

  • 30+ templates that span planning, in-field, stimulus, post-field and deliverables
  • A comprehensive how-to booklet for template use

The Education Edition is available to a verified faculty member on an education email address. (If you are a student, please ask your lecturer/ professor to complete this form). To obtain your free copy, complete the following:

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Access to the templates is via Google Drive—this email will be visible to other template users. If left blank we us your Education email.
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What is the The Field Study Template, Education Edition?

A collection of templates, forms and exercises for running international field work projects, designed to accompany The Field Study Handbook

We’ve included enough material in the Education Edition to get you going. 

What’s the difference between the Education and Professional, Corporate or Ultra Editions?

The Professional, Corporate and Ultra Editions are more comprehensive, and include the full breadth of templates, forms and contracts required to run international projects. 

Can I get education discount on The Field Study Handbook?

To our friends in Education, we’re offering bulk discounts of 20% off the purchase of ten or more copies of The Field Study Handbook purchased through Drop us your email in this form to obtain a promocode.

Are there any plans for a digital edition of the Handbook?

No plans. 

Do you offer any other training materials?

We run a variety of training formats for clients, including hand-on projects, full and half-day workshops and 3-day retreats.

To be notified of future workshops and retreats, or to request a workshop  for your college, drop your email here.