Studio D imprint, Field Institute publishes (mostly confidential) field work client reports, how-to guides and experiments. The following select publications are available from the Studio D Supply Store.


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This guide explores the art and science of repurposing spaces for creative output. Over the past ten years the team has gained extensive experience at running international projects for multinational corporate, non-profit and socially driven organisations. We’ve built a comprehensive understanding what it takes to create an optimal space for gathering data, drawing insight, and applying the knowledge to guide strategy, and the design of new products and services.

Ghost Factory - an experiment

What would it take to run a ghost factory, engaging hundreds of people in the manufacture of a large physical object, where no-one know's what they are making, until the moment of completion? 

This booklet describes a process that took over six months and engaged hundreds of people from across China.

Today's Office - observations of a professional nomad

Today's Office documents a year and a bit of fieldwork that is commissioned by commercial clients wanting to understand their current and future customers, on projects can last weeks or months. At times the travel is solo, on rare occasions with family, but mostly when there is research to be done it requires a dedicated crew, setup a conducive live/work space, and run research sessions ranging from formal interviews to informal home visits, trying things out first hand, observations, or simply hanging out.