Studio D is seeking a Business Strategist to join our pool of freelance talent for international projects. We are a distributed studio that builds teams on a per-project basis. Please apply if you are interested in 1 - 3 month commitments.

Many of the people we work with go on to become long-term collaborators, working across projects and countries.

About You

You will provide a deep understanding of the client’s business environment, selecting the most appropriate frameworks, tools and approaches to understand the optimal strategy. You have the 30,000 ft view and are able to zoom into the small details that will impact execution and ultimately their corporate strategy. You love monetization models no matter how conceptual and loosely articulated, and get a kick from figuring out how these can map to the client’s business today, and for a range of different futures.

You have a background in business or economics, and feel liberated working alongside creatives. You’re not a designer, but do have an aesthetic sensibility.

The ideal candidate

  • Has an ability to create business cases for conceptual / early-stage products and services.

  • Can establish benchmarks for concepts and early-stage products that do not neatly fit into existing product categories.

  • Can comfortably project up to 10 years into the future to market shifts and their effects on consumer behaviour and product design.

  • Has an ability to articulate historical precedents for design and business decisions.

  • Has experience participating in qualitative user and stakeholder-centred research, and a desire to do more.

  • Can produce beautiful, simple, and concise artefacts to communicate your findings and strategies — examples will be required.

  • Has experience in designing, managing or participating in quantitative research.

  • Has outstanding written and oral communication skills. 


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About Studio D

Studio D is a research, design and strategy consultancy that specialises in understanding consumer behaviour in emerging markets — from the upper middle class through to the base of the pyramid. We are a tight knit group of world-class designers, researchers and strategists are committed to delivering exceptional and rewarding projects. Most of our work is client-confidential, but can get a sense of where we operate here.

We take clients from defining the questions that are important to their business, generating concepts, articulating ideas through design, all the way through to prototyping products and piloting services.

Our team has pioneered human centered design and are constantly experimenting with new ways of gathering data, and drawing insight. Projects are intensive, and often require long hours of tight collaboration between the international team, the client and our local crew through the pioneering use of pop-up studios.

We’re a flat organisation with a no-bullshit approach to doing what’s right by the client and the project. Everyone spends time in-field and everyone gets their hands dirty. Along the way we create magic.